All-on-4 with the Prettau Zirconia Bridge

//All-on-4 with the Prettau Zirconia Bridge

If you find yourself hearing the dentist recommend full-mouth teeth replacement, don’t panic. While this sounds intense and complex, the entire procedure is easier and more common than you can imagine. You may be in this position because your natural teeth are missing or are severely diseased or damaged. Perhaps you have already had teeth replacement with dentures, but they are loose fitting and lack the strength needed for chewing.

How frustrating to have spent all that time, money and effort on your teeth only to discover that you still have extensive issues and are not truly proud of your smile. Thankfully, an All-on-4 dental implant with the Prettau Zirconia Bridge can help you transform your smile once and for all.

What is an All-on-4 dental implant?

Imagine being able to replace all of your teeth in one appointment! The Prettau bridge is free of metal and ideal for anyone who is sensitive or who has metal allergies. Completely bio-compatible, this procedure utilizes special surgical positioning for the implants and therefore the majority of bone grafting can be avoided. Computer robotics precisely fabricate a full-mouth bridge from a solid piece of zirconia porcelain. This material offers a gorgeous smile that is virtually unbreakable. Many patients who are considering an All-on-4 dental implant find the Prettau Full Mouth Bridge to be the best option. This kind of implant is non-removable and fixed. It is as close to your natural teeth as possible and therefore less likely to break or chip.

Patients often receive sedation and all the work is completed while they are blissfully unaware. Imagine resting comfortably in the dentist’s chair and waking up with your brand new smile. Having work completed in one location will save you from having to travel to multiple healthcare professionals to finish the process. Understandably, many patients are worried about not having any teeth in their mouth for a duration of time. Thankfully, you will not have to go through any uncomfortable empty mouth syndrome if you opt to go this route.

What to expect

Surgery is typically completed in one appointment. Any remaining teeth are removed and the implants are then placed. Certain individuals may need to undergo some minor socket bone grafting, however, your dentist will be sure to discuss the particulars of your dental surgery ahead of time.

Benefits of an implant bridge

Having zero plastic or acrylic in your mouth is a much healthier and lasting solution in comparison to traditional bridges.
Avoid exposure to non-precious metals and unhealthy materials.
The strength of zirconia porcelain will ensure that you do not have exorbitant dental repair bills in the future.
The Prettau Dental implant will feel smooth along your gums thanks to the seamlessness of the zirconia restoration.
This implant represents the future of bridge option restoration thanks to its unparalleled strength.
Regain your confidence to smile, chew, laugh and eat in public.
Save money

Believe it or not, in the long run the Prettau Implant Bridge costs less than some other implant options. Hybrid implant bridges and metal fused porcelain are famous for continual costly repairs due to their chipping issues. And since there is no gold substructure required in this design, patients save money.