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All-on-4 with the Prettau Zirconia Bridge

If you find yourself hearing the dentist recommend full-mouth teeth replacement, don’t panic. While this sounds intense and complex, the entire procedure is easier and more common than you can imagine. You may be in this position because your natural teeth are missing or are severely diseased or damaged. Perhaps you have already had teeth replacement with dentures, but they are loose fitting and lack the strength needed for chewing. How frustrating to have spent all that time, money and effort

What types of implants are available

Depending on what kind of dental implant your dentist feels will provide you with the most success, a variety of options abound. Implants are made from titanium as this strong material creates a suitable and lasting replacement for the root of the tooth. Endosteal implants These implants, shaped like mini screws, plates or cylinders, are surgically implanted into the jawbone. This style comprises the most widely used implant variety. It is the type we place at Harrell Dental Implant Center. Subperiosteal implants These implants