Improve your dentures with dental implants

//Improve your dentures with dental implants

Improve your dentures with dental implants. Stop dealing with that “hockey puck” feeling that traditional dentures offer. Isn’t it time for an upgrade you can rely on? Dentures are capable of being anchored to dental implants to offer you complete stability and security. Never worry about losing your false teeth ever again. Imagine being able to chew your favorite foods and enjoy the benefits of laughing, smiling and eating in public without any concern.

Benefits of dental implant supported dentures

Traditional dentures may literally leave you lost for words when they become dislodged during speech. Relying on yucky tasting adhesives is not the solution. If you find yourself not wanting to eat out in public or go on any rides at Disneyland for fear of losing your teeth, it’s time for a change. Enjoy steak and beef jerky once again. Feel confident in your smile and your ability to crunch on raw veggies. You can finally put the knife and fork down when it’s corn on the cob night and get busy with your hands like everyone else at the table.

Retrofit Your current dentures

You can opt to have three implants each surgically placed in your top and bottom jaws. Your current dentures can be customized to snap into place over the implants. This will provide you with a level of stabilization that simply isn’t possible with traditional dentures.

Maintain jawbone health

Many patients don’t realize that wearing traditional dentures can affect your facial appearance with time. Your jawbone can disappear after years of lack of stimulation due to missing tooth roots as well as constant grinding from an unstable denture. This can lead to a sunken or shriveled appearance, not to mention mouth sores and chronic pain. Imagine having canker-like sores that never seem to heal. Not to mention having to attend numerous appointments every year to have your plates re-fit.

The implant posts that are surgically implanted into your jawbone work as anchors that are similar to your original root structure. This enables you to constantly receive natural, healthy bone stimulation with every bite and conversation. The posts allow your dentures to snap into place and remain secure. This translates to less friction in your mouth and allows you to prevent the sagging and bone degeneration that often accompanies extended wear of traditional dentures. Maintain your youthful glow by not succumbing to the premature aging profile that traditional dentures are famous for.